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Bernie Kosar/Vlade Divac mutant droid spotted at USA-Spain game

Bernie Kosar Vlade Divac lovechild Jorge Garbajosa

A problematic, sweaty, inconsistent, flopping Kosar/Divac droid known as Jorge Garbajosawa was spotted at Monday's USA-Spain tilt at La Caja Magica in Madrid.  Sources in the know say the mutant droid was inexplicably built in a Serbian lab over the summer and even more inexplicably placed on Spain's national team.  Reasons for the bizarre creation are still unknown, but the latest reports out of Madrid are that the sweaty beast is a merciless poon hound with a tireless motor.

Sadly, it hasn't translated to the hardwood just yet, as he finished Sunday's game with three rebounds and 19 disgusting beard smears.

[via Yahoo via Jasper Juinen/Getty Images]

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