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Baltimore’s Robert Andino simply cannot believe picture day

Robert Andino is never not happy

Benevolent Orioles shortstop Robert Andino appears to be living life as if he's constantly dishing out shockers to hordes of fiending Road Beef.  The shot you see above is from the Yankee Stadium scoreboard.  But after some quick research, we've come to learn it certainly wasn't dumb luck that the photographer was able to catch him in a moment of such visible glee. Check out his picture on Yahoo and ESPN.  The dude is happier than Marlo Stanfield's entire client base put together.  As for his picture over at SI, our sources have indicated it was taken seconds after the first and only time he tried Sour Patch Kids.

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  1. Captain

    September 14, 2010 at 2:53 pm

    There’s something mightily entertaining about seeing that face next to a .154 batting average.

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