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Yay, it’s NBA Media Day!

Chris Kaman media day

Each and every year NBA Media Day is always an awkward affair.  For example, on what other day of the NBA calendar year can you get Los Angeles Clippers Craig Smith and DeAndre Jordan to impersonate the overexcited Road Beef that consistently swarms Chris Kaman?  None, we say.  If you're bold and daring, click through for more hell.

Dirk Nowitzki wears a chefs jacket and holds mixing bowls during NBA basketball media day

This picture was described as "Dirk Nowitzki wears a chefs jacket and holds mixing bowls during NBA basketball media day."  Our one burning question is, where's the unicycle?  There's really no reason to expand beyond that other than to say the average cup size in the first three rows of any given Mavs home game is about the same size as the bowl on the right.


Andrei Kirilenko media day 

Utah's Andrei Kirilenko is good for a new hairdo at least three times a season, so showing up to NBA Media Day with a "Beckham Meets Encino Man" look was almost expected.  Kudos, good sir.


Vinny Del Negro media day

Every now and then you get so caught in what's currently taking place in sports, like the MLB playoff races and football, that you forget the late happenings of the league that's been off.  This would be one of those moments.  Vinny Del fucking Negro is the coach of the Clippers?  Wow.  Would rather take a Zamboni to my balls, followed by a runaway lawnmower.  Say goodnight.


Tyreke Evans media day

Tyreke Evans being sprayed in the face with water?  Why the hell not.  NBA Media Day, fuck yeah!


Andrew Bogut media day 

So far, Andrew Bogut is the only player that thinks NBA Media Day is a bunch of uninspiring bullshit.  For that, Mr. Bogut, we say thank you. 


Darko Milicic media day

Aaaaaand to finish things out on an appropriately awkward note, you can pencil in Darko Milicic as the first and likely only player to accidentally confuse NBA Media Day with Being Accused of Sexual Harassment Day.  You would think they'd have interpreters for this shit by now.

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