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Troy’s Austin Silvoy is one headband short of Cobra-Kai

Troys Austin Silvoy Justin Bieber

If you stare long enough at this brunette version of the famously cunning John Lawrence, you can almost see the iconic headband fasten itself to his head.  Silvoy doesn't know it yet, but he will soon wipe that smile off his face and promptly begin lifting lunch tables in Just One of the Guys Too, and eventually joust with Thornton Melon's other cantankerous son that can't seem to make the diving team.

And yes, his attendance at a Justin Bieber concert is not only expected, it's required. Sensei said so.

[vai Troy Trojans]

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  1. tamtam

    December 8, 2010 at 12:16 am

    Justin Bieber, age 27

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