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Bears-Packers game expected to cause “severe brat shortage” across rest of country

Fat Bears and Packers fans

Also expected to be seen at Solider Field this Sunday as often as greasy brats and eye-raking plumber cracks?

Chicago Side
Deep dish pizza
Italian beefs
Hot dog salads
Disco fries
Old Style Beer

Green Bay Side
Cheese curds
Spiced gravy nog
Sheboygan cheese wheels
Jerky doughnuts
Leinenkugel Beer

To make matters even more uneasy, there will be absolutely no shortage of shitty music blaring throughout Sunday’s blubbery tailgate, which will likely be highlighted by a bunch of thick chicks getting down to Alan Jackson. 

Make sure to bring your cheeseburger earmuffs, fatties.

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  1. ButtersBC

    January 19, 2011 at 11:10 pm


    /Chugs ranch dressing to soothe the hurt

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