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Blake Griffin is The Flyin’ Lion [UPDATE: How Long Have Clipper Announcers Been Saying This?]

Blake Griffin Flyin Lion

It's been quite clear to sports fans and media personalities that freakish Clippers forward Blake Griffin is in dire need of a proper nickname — and not just something as mindless as "B-Griff."  We're frankly surprised it has taken us this long to come up with the fitting name, especially since it's been sitting under our nostrils all along in his own namesake:


From Wikipedia:

"The griffin is a legendary creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle."

It's really that simple.

Blake Griffin is The Flyin' Lion. Yes, we realize it says head of an eagle, but look how happy Blake is with that lion's hair.

UPDATE: So how long have Clipper announcers been referring to Griffin a "The Flyin' Lion?

We expect to see our photo of the Flyin' Lion on the jumbotron by early next week.

[h/t to The GB]