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Bosh takes on Durant in verbally complicated joust

Chris Bosh Kevin Durant pillow fight Yesterday's heated exchange between renowned twigs Kevin Durant and Chris Bosh is certainly worthy of the almost-turned-into-a-shoving-match history books.

Here's Bosh rehashing the verbal showdown:

"I think he was telling Harden to dunk on me, or dunk the next one,? Bosh said. ?I expressed that, `No, he?s not going to dunk that.? And he expressed, `Yes, he is.? It just kind of went back and forth."

Nothing quite like the unpredictable "No, he will not/Yes, he will" seesaw.

Good luck topping that one, Vonnegut.

Durant: Bosh among NBA?s ?fake tough guys? [Yahoo Sports]

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  1. ButtersBC

    January 31, 2011 at 12:05 pm

    Upon further investigation I’m pretty sure that’s a Holly Madison nip slip…you know, The Sports Hernia turned into a hardcore sex site so gradually, I didn’t even notice

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