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Brian Cashman wins Hernia Immunity for 35 minutes

Brian Cashman Brett Favre Let's get right to it.  Here's Brian Cashman on the status of Andy Pettitte:

"Andy has talking about being home for years. Being from Texas and having to be in New York for six months out of the year can be hard because he has kids and he's missing important time with them. He's opting not to play right now but that might change it might not. I told him don't 'Brett Favre' us. You got to be all in and fully dedicated to play. Do I need him? I need him, but I don't want him to play if his heart's not in it."

First it was refreshing honesty regarding their latest free agent pickup, and now he's telling Pettitte not to "Brett Favre" the Yankees?  It's been quite a week for the miniature decision maker in the Bronx.  We can hardly blame him for wanting to keep his Blackberry dong-free.

As a way of saying thanks, for the next 35 minutes (approximately 2,100 seconds) we promise not to make any jokes about Dockers or cell phone belt clips as they relate to the fashionably questionable decisions made by Yankees GM Brian Cashman.

Though we probably just violated the very rule we said we wouldn't, there was really no other way of explaining this generous, albeit somewhat brief, immunity.


  1. steelfan39

    January 20, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    quality joked I laughed out loud when I read that blackberry line.

  2. AIR MAX 90

    January 24, 2011 at 3:36 am

    Great post. I appreciate you bringing this forward.

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