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Hernia Mole Learns Early Vegas Odds to Purchase Minority Stake in Mets

After being being dragged even deeper into the Bernard Maddoff mess, the Wilpon family announced they intend to turn to an outside investor to help cover lefty ace Oliver Perez's salary.  Thankfully, the Hernia Mole has the early Vegas odds on potential investors:


Edward Stratton: 9-1 Odds
Knee Jerk Analysis – David Wright would appropriately be pumped to borrow his son's Race Car Bed


Brewsters Millions movie image Richard Pryor (5)

Montgomery Brewster: 5-2 Odds
Knee Jerk Analysis – Could be adequate replacement for K-Rod



The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase: 8-1 Odds
Knee Jerk Analysis – Could provide adequate security for K-Rod and would be a tremendous asset for arbitration cases as, 'The Million Dollar Man ALWAYS gets his way'



Thurston Howell III: 4-1 Odds
Knee Jerk Analysis – Longtime Sunday bridge buddy of Fred Wilpon – Thurston would stay and Lovey Howell makes a mean Mai Tai

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