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Hernia Speculation: Did Clyde Frazier kill Damien?

Clyde Fraziers snakeskin shoes with snake heads

These are Clyde Frazier's amazing shoes from last night's Knicks-Lakers game.  Being that we are enormous fans of Jake "the Snake" Roberts and his loyal snake, Damien, we were immediately intrigued by the stark similarities between the snake heads and the notoriously unpredictable WWF reptile.  Especially since anyone who knows anything about anything knows that Damien's ashes — as requested in his lengthy will — were to be thoughtfully spread over Cobra Commander's lavish garden by Jake Roberts and Howard Finkel, the ring bearer at Damien's first and second weddings. 

So what's the deeeeeeeal…

Did Clyde clone Damien and then kill him?

Did Damien and a snake from his old gang personally request to be put on Clyde's shoes?

Or is Damien still alive, and this is simply him & his brother Damion in a state of relaxation on Clyde's comfy, courtside shoes?

[via Hernia @ TheBigLead & @FarouqFux]

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  1. Paolo X

    January 17, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    Clyde Frazier …da original smooove mofo …

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