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Introducing the Captain Morgan 2011 BracketMaster Challenge & the Hernia “Morganette”

Captain Morgans Morganette Katherine Ball [click to enlarge the basketball]

Please allow us to formally introduce you to Katherine, the affable woman you see pictured above.  Katherine, better known as Katie, is a delightful Captain Morgan "Morganette" who hails from Chicago, and starting today through the entirety of March Madness, we'll be coaching her in the Captain Morgan 2011 BracketMaster Challenge, a sure to be heated, possibly volcanic tournament that consists of 32 Morganettes and what we predict to be at least 11 crowd pleasing pillow fights.

So if you're not a self-involved prick and in the spirit of fighting the good fight, please head over to the North bracket at and vote, vote, vote for Miss Katherine.  Your votes will not only help her, but the Hernia cause as well.

Video of our Morganette after the jump.  Giddy up…

UPDATE:  We're losing, damnit.  Come on people, click on "Make Your Picks" – 2nd tab from left, and vote Katherine in the North.  If not for us or our dear Katherine, do it for Al Pacino.  He'd want it that way.


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