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Living, breathing human ranks Super Bowl Halftime Show best ever

Bleacher Report Super Bowl Halftime Show

Anyone who claims last night's Super Bowl halftime show was the greatest ever is probably also a huge advocate of Crocs, fanny packs and the fashionable stylings of Dynamo from Running Man, and likely DVR's "How I Met Your Mother" because it is "LOL funny."

Our mouths remain agape.

[via Bleacher Report; H/T to the GB]


  1. Paolo X

    February 7, 2011 at 8:46 pm

    Indeed in yet another embarrassment to many of us who are referred to in an unabashed generic sense by our government as “Caucasian,” such commentary yet again was by one douchebag of a whyyyte dude (yes that’s three y’s on purpose because he is just that white).

    Some sources indicate also that this douchebag also owns the “Friends” DVD and laughs at it regularly just the same, enjoys “Best of Show” as one of his top 5 films of all time, and is attempting to assemble the world’s largest variety of overpriced gourmet crackers and biscuits to go with his vast assortment of coffees and teas.

    What an embarrassment to all of humanity for that matter to have no rhythm or soul at all.

  2. MAINEiac4434

    June 17, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    It should be noted that this comes from Bleacher Report, where literally anyone can write and be taken seriously there. That being said, pure idiocy, like this, from most of the “writers” is why I left that site years ago.

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