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Mysterious ESPN shrinking gun claims John Anderson as latest victim

ESPNs John Anderson zapped by shrinking gun

It feels like it's been awhile since ESPN The Shrinking Gun has surfaced to humiliate someone with its soulles crosshairs, and it has.  In fact, if memory serves us correct, the last time this happened, Snoop Dogg went from world famous rapper to little Calvin Broadus the kindergartener in a matter of seconds of one seemingly innocent segment.

Last night, sadly, it was likable SportsCenter anchor John Anderson. Get well soon, buddy, though he appears to have enjoyed it.

Our dream — and we tend to dream large — is for the already miniature Beetlejuice to be awarded that magical center seat for a segment on SportsCenter in the near future, ideally one centered around Paul Pierce.

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  1. Dinky

    April 7, 2013 at 11:15 pm

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