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Shawn Bradley, still stylin’ after all these years

Shawn Bradley Jimmer Fredette song

Right now you're probably justifiably asking yourself, "What in the hell is this?" Well, these are the Jimmer Jammers.  The Jimmer Jammers are what we call a "music supergroup" whose primary focus is to pay tribute to BYU basketball player, Jimmer Fredette.  The gifted get-along-gang pictured above is headlined by former horrific NBA center Shawn Bradley, former BYU football coach LaVell Edwards, and former Eagles tight end Chad Lewis.

Soooo many questions, many of which we don't even want the answers to, but of the utmost importance are…

Did Bradley getting into any of his trademark heated shoving matches during rehearsels?  And is he still fuming that the only YouTube tribute videos* made with old No. 76 as the centerpiece are of him being dunked on?

Based on the following picture, we're gonna assume an emphatic YES on both:

Shawn Bradley says its on bitch

Visibly scarring video after the jump…

*The first two Shawn Bradley videos we found on YouTube were titled "Shawn Bradley posterized" and "Shawn Bradley NBA bitch"

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