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Preakness looking to attract Renaissance Fair enthusiasts

Kegasus was last seen eating Funyons off of snookie's ass cheeks

While this might appear like vintage Hernia photoshop, we can assure you that we had nothing to do with the creation of this "party manimal."  It is a real campaign:

"Kegasus, a centaur with a nipple ring, body hair and ample beer gut, is the centerpiece of the new ad campaign for Maryland's leg of the Triple Crown. Starting this week, he'll be spreading his hard-partying message on television, radio and social media outlets that cater to the 21- to 40-year-olds the race hopes to reach."

Kudos to the people at the Preakness.  Kegasus might be one of the more unique characters to come out of Maryland since Omar Little.

And to those of you who stumbled upon the Hernia while searching about horse racing info – welcome.  We invite you to stay for a while.  However, you might want to skip our old Barbaro posts.

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