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The Captain Morgan 2011 BracketMaster Challenge: Elite Eight Voting & a New Morganette

Danielle the Hernia Morganette

We have some bad news and a bit of good news regarding the Captain Morgan 2011 BracketMaster Challenge.  Bad news first.  Our emotional efforts to advance the Hernia Morganette, Katherine from Chicago, to the Sweet 16 were uneventful.  We're placing the bulk of the blame on ADD. 

However, we have been gifted with a second life and an illustrious opportunity to latch onto another Morganette, and naturally did so in Danielle from Minneapolis, who's pictured above.  If she gets enough votes to advance to the Final Four and then wins the tournament on April 4th, so will the Hernia in some capacity.

Sooooo, unless you pulled a Darren the Intern and woke up this morning with enormous dreams like ketchup & mustard in the same bottle, please head over to, click on the "Make Your Picks" tab with great fury and vote for Danielle from Minneapolis.  Voting ends this Saturday, March 26.

OR, if you're slammed at work and have zero time to dick around, voiting has been made very easy:

Simply text DANIELLE to 44686 and voil?, your vote has been counted

Video of Danielle, possibly in a white bikini, can be found after the jump…

Danielle Vojta
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  1. Paolo X

    March 27, 2011 at 10:11 am

    Hernia I sure as heck hope you don’t need a tournament or other sporting event as a reason to please post more hot chicks like this on here, as in weekly?

    And screw the video with them talking so much — just photos are fine please to go along with your sports coverage.

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