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TNT still undecided on purpose of 19,000 foot HD screen

NBA on TNT giant inexplicable screen

So far during the NBA playoffs no one, including TNT, has quite figured out the true purpose of the network's enormous high definition screen that Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith have been standing in front of on a nightly basis, other than the fact that they occasionally toss the basketball to one another and, at times, conceal the score of the game.

Is TNT even aware that this triumph of a viewing screen, one that probably took several million Spacebucks to build, will be scaled down from it's grand stature to fit the various sizes of television screens across the nation?  This is a bigger waste of money than the budget for Craig Sager's wardrobe, with the exception of the jacket he recently wore that was bedazzled with various exotic reptiles.

As for what's happening here, the guess is EJ is about to stun that ref and take a dramatic charge Ginobili Swiffer style, or he's simply waiting for someone to shout "Ready, FIGHT!" so he can perform a flying a kick to Kenny Smith's head and steal the ball, Mortal Kombat style.

Finally, we'd like to end this on a positive note and state that at the current moment, we do remain thankful that TNT has yet to permit a group of assholes like the Black Eyed Peas to walk up those steps and start singing "Lets Get It Started."

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