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Barstool Sports to launch new website

Barstool Sports recently released a naked photo of Tom Brady's 2-year-old son as a teaser to promote its new website, Highchair Sluts.  The thoughtful site will exclusively feature naked photos of toddlers accompanied by lewd descriptions of various aspects of their genitalia, as the fucking idiotic blogger David Portnoy recently did on Barstool Sports. 

"I just have to believe there are others out there like me, who like to look at toddler penis," Portnoy said.  "But don't get me wrong," Portnoy continued, "I'll also throw in some photos of naked girl toddlers too, for good measure."

Investigators are looking into whether Portnoy is legally retarded allowed to launch the site, and whether he is a direct descendant of Alexander Portnoy, the main character in the book Portnoy's Complaint who at one point in the story fucked raw meat. 

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