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Matt Holliday forgets to turn on “No Vacancy” sign in right ear

A lonely moth seeking shelter and a good night's sleep flew into Matt Holliday?s right ear during last night?s game against the Dodgers, causing the outfielder enough pain to force him out of the game and into the comforting arms of Tony La Russa.  According to the Cardinals trainer, the moth actually became "lodged in the canal of his ear" and had to be removed with a pair of small tweezers that "reached deep into the canal of his ear."

Pretty sure we would happily slap-box Godzilla while an angry mob of midgets bit at our feet rather than have tweezers sent deep into the canals of our ears. 

Holliday is expected to miss the next six seasons.

[vid via Bob's Blitz]

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  1. Paolo X

    August 23, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    What they did not tell you is that the moth was seeking shelter in what otherwise it had thought reasonably was a potato field. This one is on Holliday, who rumour has it already has signed a big endorsement deal with Murine.

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