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The Hernia causes Mike Francesa to Snarf on air


We applaud our fearless leader Tim Ryan for calling into 'Miked Up' earlier today and giving Miguel Francesa a little bit of shit for his ball washing of Joe Torre over the whole 'Unanimity' thing, which has yet to make sense.  We never would have expected MLB to bend any rules — we totally bought the fact that Chris Gaines err… Garth Brooks was worthy of a look back in 1999, and the fact that the Diamondacks wore their retro crap for two extra games — but yes, homage to the dead is routinely outweighed by the unmanageable, explosive teet that is Bird Selig's pulsating nipple.

What was a bit baffling, however, was the manner in which Mikey "Pepperoni Pancakes" Francesa brushed off such a glowing compliment in the form of an audible snarf, though we do salute Tim for introducing radio land to the term 'Para Shit Trooper'. 

Snarf on and prosper Mike… you fat, capped teeth fuck. Though, we still love your show.  As well as your tits.

Hernia on WFAN

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