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Halloween Costume Ideas (Part Duex)

Dog halloween costume

If you're looking for some last minute costume ideas for Halloween, the Sports Hernia has a few for you.  And if you've done all these already (very likely), take a look at our previous post for some inspiration.

Joe Buck

Jon Gruden

Ron Jaworksi

  • Shark mask
  • Pair of ladies glasses
  • Cover entire body in game tape 
  • Acorns to stuff in cheeks

Adam Schefter

  • Dick Tracy suit
  • Jim Rome wig
  • Chop off lower half of legs (or simply walk around on your knees if more convenient)

Tony Siragusa

  • Nylon jumpsuit
  • Remove neck, place head on shoulders
  • Sound like you could rape someone at any moment
  • Stand around & stuff 

David Stern

  • Arrogance
  • Lorne Michaels
  • Healthy dash of asshole
  • Turtle shell
  • More Arrogance

James Dolan

Ric Flair

  • Several strips of bacon, spray painted orange, to layer on face
  • Dye hair platinum
  • Extremely heavy breast implants

Mark Cuban

Dan Dierdorf

  • Giant dog suit
  • Say "that guy's a football player" a lot

Jim Harbaugh

  • Visible rage
  • Crazy eyes
  • Case of Red Bull

Tim Kirkjian

  • Exasperated, squeaky voice
  • Affix 103 baseballs to body
  • Two baseball mitts to serve as shoes

Avery Johnson

  • Pterodactyl wings
  • Jimmy Hart megaphone
  • Suit

Bryant Gumbel

  • Suit
  • Old lady glasses perched on nose
  • Squeeze nose & speak 
  • Take imaginary notes into a notebook

Lions coach Jim Schwartz

  • Blast club music into concealed headphones to encourage maximum fist pumping
  • Move eyes too close together
  • Take healthy dose of Dorkroids
  • Add three Rasheed Wallace gray poofs to bizarre hair 

Floyd Mayweather

  • Complete lack of self-awareness
  • Father/Uncle translating devices
  • Larry Merchant blow-up doll

Phil Mickelson

  • Khakis, light blue polo shirt
  • 5-iron
  • Breast implants
  • Raging pack of closeted homosexual yuppies following you around all night

Gronkowski Brother

  • Strooker on arm
  • Bloodied knuckles from giving wedgies
  • Ivan Drago haircut




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