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Leather Bound “Touched” by Jerry Sandusky can be all yours for $59.95

Jerry Sandusky Touched

Yes, this book really exists.  It was initially published in 2001, amazingly after the alleged first incident took place and was reported.  You now have the green light to violently vomit into a barf bag until the nausea subsides.  Then, have a tall whiskey filled with Pop Rocks and crack rocks. 

And thanks, but we're gonna have to go ahead and pass on the whole "Click to LOOK INSIDE!" thing.

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  1. Paolo X

    December 1, 2011 at 9:52 am

    This begs the question also how many Big East (all sports, not just basketball) and Syracuse alumni work for ESPN of course.

    If this had happened in the Big Ten, as it did at Penn State, or at Notre Dame or even the Pac 10, it would no doubt have been reported sooner.

    This is another clear case of those typical East Coast fucks including out of New York at ESPN covering their own lame-ass shit for years with more of the very same of course.

    The Mission continues and rightfully so until that whole channel is overhauled.

    And I’m not just talking about the likes of Chris Berman goin’ back back back to whatever hole he belongs too when he retires …

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