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Photo of J.J. Barea sums up NBA lockout quite nicely

JJ Barea's nap

This photograph of Mavs guard J.J. Barea was taken during the Puerto Rico-Mexico showdown during the Pan Am Games this past Sunday.  Yes, those apparently still exist. 

We felt it encompassed everything there is to say about the NBA lockout.  Please wake us, and Mr. Barea, when this repetitive swap of dick spit is finally over with.

[Photo via Yahoo via Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images]


  1. Paolo X

    November 2, 2011 at 9:14 am

    I’ll just watch my NFL thank you very much. The NBA — Who Cares.

    Now with NBC Sports Network with NFL shows as well as The NFL Network, watch ESPN get even more desperate with its other crap.

    Even its Monday Night Football lineup sucks this season as only Gruden keeps that show interesting when the teams are not very good.

    Yeah, right, like people are going to pay more for cable if at all with all that college basketball, poker, offseason baseball talk, and four retired NFL players in lounge chairs just talking the game with no tape?

    And when the NBA comes back, just watch all the hype for about two weeks on ESPN before again before we are back to Who Cares.

    ESPN had the market to itself for so long, but they got so cocky and even after ESPN Mobile (HA!) still did not learn and fucked themselves over so fuck ’em and keep going to hell! 🙂

  2. Paolo X

    November 12, 2011 at 7:51 am

    Note here another milestone in the lingering success of The Mission here guys. Thank you again as well also TBL for being the pioneer in 2008.

    Anything that puts ESPN in its rightful place and good sports coverage above it is okay by me if and until ESPN ever gets its smug northeastern ass in order. It won’t happen soon enough and until they fire at least half their crew who has been there since the 1990s too.

    Hats off to the troops of course, and they can have games on aircraft carriers and other such gimmicks as they want, but the rest of the world is interested in good sports and good ratings so up theirs at ESPN once again!

    Let’s send out a special FUCK YOU also to Stuart Scott and Skip Bayless of course.

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