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Hernia Exclusive: Tebow’s ‘Virginity Plan’ Uncovered

   Tebow Virginity

The Hernia mole found a way to infiltrate Tim Tebow's inner circle by posing as a representative for The Newsboys.  What the mole uncovered may cause Skip Bayless' head to finally implode into a pile of self-tanner and veneers.  After a lengthy discussion about who makes the coolest god-inspired t-shirt line, the Hernia Mole was able secure a list called 'Candidates To Take Tebow's Virginity'.  Keep in mind, Tebow's people are clearly looking for a combatant that will be able to handle the inevitable Teboner explosion.

Who ended up on this list may shock you:

1. Xena The Princess Warrior

2. Grace Jones

3. The chick with the big cans from Real World San Diego (AKA Boom Bazooka Joe)

4. Hawk Girl

5. Chyna

6. Large Marge

7. Mt. Vesuvius

8. Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino

9. Nomi Malone

10. Tommy Lasorda


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