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Yancy Gates suspended 6 games for attempting to end Kenny Frease

Our inside source, who's reluctantly stationed in Ohio, has informed us that Cincinnati Bearcat senior Yancy Gates' suspension was ultimately bumped up from five games to a whopping six because the punch was "definitely a ridiculous, sackless cheapshot."  Bold move by the Bearcats for sure. 

We're told that if Gates followed with a flying kick and a foreign object, the big fella could be missing action for as many as seven to eight games.

Here's the clearly self-aware Gates on the suspension:

"I don?t know if (the suspension) is fair. Some people are gonna say it?s unfair."

No, Yancy.  No one is going to say it's unfair.  No one.  No really, not one person in the entire world with the possible exception of Kermit Washington is going to say it's unfair.


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