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Hernia’s Wild Card Weekend Word Cloud

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With Wild Card Weekend upon us the Hernia staff decided to drop a little digital world knowledge on your asses to get you prepared for this weekend's slate of games. We created a little thing people in the business call a 'Word Cloud'. Please don't ask us to explain what it means. Just know that is is cutting edge, intuitive, next generation, ahead of the curve, and soon to be copied by every sports blog in the country. 

Brace yourself:

Tim Tebow, Ground and pound, bye week, vertical passing game, stretch the defense, running lanes, Tim Tebow, wait for holes, home field, YAC, separation, routes, lead the charge, high ankle sprains, Tim Tebow, ground game, game manager, big targets, red zone efficiency, late round gem, proper reads, underneath stuff, rematch setting the pocket, clock management, downfield, dump passes, grinding it out, no huddle, bad spot, Tim Tebow, press coverage, pass rush, hamstrings, traps, base package, Tom Freagin? Brady, vanilla defense, edge rush, Aaron Freagin? Rodgers, running with a purpose, solid execution, stunts, great hands, free agent, fantasy stud, taking what the defense gives you, Tim Tebow, red zone defense, unbalanced line, nose for ball, rushing the passer, Tim Tebow, safety valve, Tim Tebow, finish them out, out of the league, shotgun, Tim Tebow, spot foul, hands team, four man rush, suck for Luck, hurry up offense, feeling the rush, set pocket, run out the clock, over pursue, red zone, strength of schedule, field general, running out the clock, back judge, set the edge, strategy, catapult, wedge buster, Tim Tebow, Dan Marino?s yardage record, over center, Peyton Manning?s neck, special teams demon, escape ability, short yardage back, end around, concussed, scripted plays, Tim Tebow, big hands, ball hawks, moving the pocket, three point stance, game plan, soft zone, penalized, fourth quarter comebacks, on the road, coach up, waiting for blocks to develop, scrambler, zone blitz, outside rush, avid the rush, pass rush specialist, zone blocking, reverse, five wide, lead blocker, vision, Tim Tebow, precise route runner, counter trey, Tim Tebow, five technique, pass sets up the run, crack back, cover 2, jumbo package, hitch, discipline, home field, leadership, Tim Tebow, secondary play, general manager, five step drop, zone, front seven, nickel package, clock management, under center, punt team, makes plays with his feet, top seeded, great in open space, Tim Tebow, open field tackling, helmet to helmet, smash mouth, soft zone, football player, check down, scat back, vaunted, Drew Freagin? Brees, two minute offense, pursuit, MIC linebacker, total points per game, top ranked defense, Tim Tebow, stock, Andre Luck, favorites, Draw, run sets up the pass, win the field position game, franchise player, strength of schedule, yardage record, Tim Tebow


  1. Bob's Blitz

    January 7, 2012 at 7:35 am

    AKA, Dorky white guy weekend.

  2. Paolo X

    January 8, 2012 at 9:14 pm

    Well The Hernia had it right about Tebow but like anyone honest did not make the pick; Tebow would not be legendary though without that elite play by Demaryius Thomas to execute the stiff arm and accelerate after his otherwise excellent read and strong-armed throw.

  3. superdry

    January 14, 2012 at 2:51 am

    may be he can?

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