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Mike Tice to interview for head coaching job, species officially extinct

Mike Tice pencil ape

It's a sad experience for NFL teams in search of a head coach during these trying times, especially when one gets word that Mike Tice, David Puddy's college roomate, will interview with the Oakland Raiders; other wise known as the blind caressing the blind.  So what should we draw from this, other than endless hilarity?  If your team has a shitty coach right now, your team has a shitty coach forever.  'Tis an extinct species.

However, with the bad news always comes a snippet of good news.  After taking a peek into the future, the Hernia mole learned that when Raiders brass asked Mike Tice how to spell "banana," he hopped onto the conference room table and devoured the assorted fruit basket like a focused Mr. Peepers

He's expected to be hired by Monday morning.

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