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Predictions for Floyd Mayweather’s prison term

Floyd Mayweather Screwed
With the news coming out last week that Floyd Merriweather will be going to jail some time in June, the Hernia broke out the old crystal ball to make some bold predictions for his jail sentence. Here are our predictions of how things may go down during 'Money' Mayweather's prison stint:

– He will revive and embody the character Snoopy Miller from Out of Sight

- 50 Cent will get his own ass arrested to join his boyfriend Mayweather in the clink

- Flaunt wads of cigarette packs any chance he gets

- His one daily phone call will be a spirited debate with former ESPN anchor, Brian Kenny

– Will continue in the proud Mayweather tradition of serving time in prison

– Conjugal visits will be announced by Michael Buffer

- Will somehow get into a fight with his father, which HBO will obviously air Floyd-mayweather-sr(1)

- For reasons unknown, will enter the cafeteria to the Red Rooster's theme music 

– In an ironic and painful twist, cellmate Big Bubba Shank will refer to Mayweather as Miss Jackson

- Yes, the guy who said nothing but "YEAH" in Trading Places will there too

- Instead of learning Islam and getting a tattoo of Mao Tse-tung, Floyd will earn an online certificate in Jedi and get a tattoo of Herman Cain


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