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BREAKING: God about to go off on Patriots fan

Patriots Fan Tebow

The Sports Hernia has learned through unnamed sources that God plans on telling Patriots fan Tommy "Fitzy" Fitzgerald (pictured above) of Danvers, Massachusetts to 'F*CK OFF' at about 3:16 this afternoon.  He hasn't figure out how to deliver the message to the life long Patriots fan, but God is sick and tired of hearing prayers from the retired MBTA worker about his beloved Patriots.  He also doesn't appreciate the the way 'Fitzy' routinely tries to give him the guilt trip over Darryl Stingley, and it goes without saying that God has more than a passing interest when the Broncos play.

The Hernia also learned that God doesn't give a SH*T about Paula Deen's case of diabetes.


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  1. Paolo X

    January 14, 2012 at 12:38 pm

    Why wait? Just tell him to fuck off right now.

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