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Kobi Winner

As you settle down to watch the Super Bowl and begin mowing through buffalo wings that will undoubtedly give you some paint chipping gas, just know that competitive eating legend Takero Kabayashi ate 337 wings on Friday at Wing Bowl 20.  Even more impressive is that he broke Jonathan "Super" Squibb previous record by 82 wings. After the event he told that he could eat 100 more wings.

Truth be told, we are a little biased about this momentus acheivement because the Hernia was lucky enough to be invited to hang out in Kobi's locker room before and after the event.  What we witnessed at Wing Bowl 20 — besides 19,750 men demanding 250 women to show their cans on the jumbotron — was a man at one with his craft.

When we asked Kobi how he was feeling after polishing off  an estimated 40,000 calories worth of wings, he simply said, "tired." 

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