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Mike Tyson confirms he spent his money stupidly, specifically on “dumb shit”

It's been a slow week here at the Hernia and we apologize for such a disgraceful lack of reporting.  The absence does come with good reason though, as we were in L.A. for the Grammys with Giants standout and fellow Jersey native, Victor Cruz, and have just now awoken after being knocked out during a chest-bumping contest with a couple overly aggressive Playboy bunnies.  Carry on.


  1. Paolo X

    February 16, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    Classic! It sounds like you have regained your Hernia form.

    Welcome back from LA as is a great break from New York though I bet they hated your New York guts there.

    Wow hangin’ out with Victor Cruz and Playboy Bunnies? Hey you are not starting to big league us now are you?

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