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Some dopey company did some dumb stunt

Wes Welker Drop
From time to time, the Hernia gets pitched 'PR Stories'.  This shit-astic one came into our inbox today:

"Pawngo, The First Online Pawn Shop Delivered A 900 Pound Gift To Wes Welker Today In Boston For His Super Bowl XLVI Performance"

To The Delight of Passerbyers 900 Pounds of Nestle Butterfingers was Dropped in the Center of Copley Square in Boston 

While Giants fans celebrated their victory at the Parade in New York City ? Boston locals got a 900 pound sweet surprise courtesy of Pawngo in the center of Copley Square in the heart of Boston.  900 pounds, or 8,000 bars of Nestle Butterfingers were piled high with a sign entitled, "Thank you Wes Welker" – making everyone in the area stop to take pictures, grab a bar, and have a laugh."

We applaud Pawngo's crack PR/Marketing team for coming up with such a 'creative' idea and executing it so swiftly.  It was a very savvy move to litter in Copley Square and the folks at Nestle must be thrilled to be aligned with a partner like 'Pawngo'.  As the photo above suggests, the inventive stunt drew a huge crowd. 


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