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Help Guinness set a record on St. Patrick’s Day by drinking a Guinness

Help Guinness set a Guinness World Record

This is a friendly reminder that The Sports Hernia is partnering up with Guinness to assist in company's bold goal of setting a Guinness World Record come St. Patty's day for "The Largest St. Patrick?s Day Celebration" of all time. 

To celebrate with them it's really quite easy:

A) Just drink a Guinness.

B) Head over to and click on ?Join the Party,? after which, you?ll be taken to a form to sign the pledge.  The form asks for your first name, country, zip and a referral code, which must be entered as HERN.

The. End.

Of course, please remember to drink responsibly.  Yes, that also means limiting the number of People's Elbows you dole out to an economic three.

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