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Rick Pitino’s hair makes cameo on Mid-American Conference


Wearing it was the very fashionable head coach of the Central Michigan Lady Chipewas, Sue Guevara. In addition to borrowing Pitino's coiffe, Guevara debuted her Roy Orbison pantsuit look in Central Michigan's upset win over Bowling Green.

[via Yahoo Sports]

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  1. Paolo X

    March 9, 2012 at 8:38 pm


    That’s either one mad bitch or one tough coach in spring funeral attire. Which is it?

    She looks like a typical angry Tampa/Hillsborough County homeowner down here.

    Rumour has it that Che was her great uncle. The fashion homage to Roy Orbison is classic Hernia, but c’mon that’s certainly no pretty woman.

    Speaking of which, how about more new posts of chicks with hot butts please? I sent you some samples today.

    It’s either that or other proven stand-bys and fan favourites like smelly farts, ESPN bashing, NBA bashing, WFAN bashing, the NFL, idiot fans, doohickeys, hilljacks, bojacks, homers, New York douchebags, and other fine Hernia fare. Are you are on a mission too?

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