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Rusty’s un-holy grail

Rusty Hardon

Our old pal Rusty Hardin was escorting his star client while holding his personal travel mug curiously far from his hip. That could only mean that Rusty's un-holy grail was filled with one of the following: 

- Clemens' replacement urine

- Mrs. Clemens' testosterone

– Muppet Semen

- A baby Mogwai

- His urine-scented dentures 

- A 1,000-year-old birth certificate that proves his real name is Oxidation Penis

- A mini yellow suit that his lookalike doll wears 

- His morning skinny formaldehyde latte

– Radish and cantaloupe infused Scotch

– Nicotine drip smoothie

– Little Jimmy Hoffa

– Original VHS tape from his acting debut in Genesis "Land of Confusion" video


[Photo via Yahoo]

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  1. Paolo X

    April 17, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    Others …

    – Saliva from chewing and spitting out Levi Garrett or Red Man

    – Tartar-infused lemonade

    – Puree of creamed corn

    – Blended lemon meringue pie

    – Reduction of lemon Jello

    – Rusty’s Arnold Palmer aka a “Rusty Hardin:” Half Pledge Half Lemon Joy

    – Lemonhead pudding

    – Baby corn whiskey

    – Century 21 Energy Drink, Ultra Maize Flavor

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  4. tamtam

    May 1, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Actually, it’s one of the following items:

    -Morning smoothie consisting of grapefruit and creamed corn

    -Piss cup for when he can’t get out of court fast enough

    -Roger Clemens’ “missing” syringe

    -Clemens’ shrunken balls

    -Andy Pettite’s balls

    -Mouthwash consisting of hydrochloric acid (FEEL THE BURN!!!)

    -Virgin’s blood

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