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BREAKING: Skip Bayless turns into werewolf on live television

Skip bayless turns into werewold on espn first take
BRISTOL, CT — Notorious face contortionist, Skip Bayless, has let the cat out of the bag and finally turned into a werewolf on live television.  The somewhat startling, but mostly predictable transformation took place this morning on ESPN's wildly fresh and never redundant program, "First Take," leaving the always squirrely Jay Crawford scampering for his imaginary notes and Tim "Legs" Legler with a "can you believe this shit?" look on his face.  Sources say Bayless "de-wolfed" when a a quick thinking ESPN intern named Darren changed the topic on the teleprompter from LeBron James to college lacrosse.

Bayless de-wolfs in mid howlBayless seen here de-wolfing in mid-howl as a clearly 'over it' Stephen A. Smith looks on.