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The Key to the Game and this very site is … “SOMETHING”

Something Angels

Whenever we describe this site to people, we're often tempted to say it's a sports site about nothing, which is exactly what it's been as of late.  But in reality, it really wouldn't be proper to use that line even if we wanted to, for that line belongs to Jerry Cougar Mellencamp.  So alas, we're often left with saying it's a site about … something.  Just like the key to last night's Angels-A's game was … "SOMETHING." 

Sadly, or rather hilariously, the downtrodden season of Albert Pujols has apparently already manged to depress an otherwise zesty television producer to the point they've been completely zapped of ideas, in mid-May no less. 

Oh well.  Witnessing a performance less inspiring than that of living legend Wilson Betemit tends to do that to people.

[via Sebastian Pruiti, Martin Nau]


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