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Hot Dog Wars: Whose side are you on?


News came down yesterday that friend of the Hernia, Takeru Kobayashi downed 110 hot dogs in a ridiculous 10 minutes. Even more impressive? He invented the 'hot dog-kercheif' look that is sure to be the talk of the fall fashion season. If Kobi ever finds a way to combine this with his 'Bacon Bow Tie' look – our heads may literally implode.

Nathan's champion Joey Chestnut was less than gracious in his response today on Twitter.

Joey Chestnut
Where do these two gastro pugilists go from here? If Joey Chestnut really did send out this tweet (which we are admittedly skeptical about) – this seems to be the first shot from the Chestnut camp sent directly at Team Kobi. Questions linger whether Chestnut got contractual permission from the monopolistic competitive eating cartel to tweet because if the rumors are true, he's only allowed to legally do and say what they approve.