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Magic John$on’s ‘group’ continues to have savvy investment strategy

First 'Team Magic' bought the Los Angeles Dodgers for 2 BILLION dollars…. only about 1 Billion more than it was worth. No big deal…. right? Now comes word that the Dodgers are in negotations to take on about a quarter of a BILLION in salary for three guys with All-Star games in their rear view mirrors and Nick Freagin Punto. To be fair, 'A-Gone' might turn things around when he begins playing in front of fans that can't show up until the 4th inning. And any time you can pick up the tab on a .250 hitting left fielder less than a week off of Tommy John surgery, and a purported 'Ace' who can't break 90 MPH an hour… you have to do it. Not even the fuck-rat ownership group in Boston could screw this up.

That being said, the Hernia Mole has learned that 'Team Magic' is currently in negotiations to buy into the following solid investments:

– Skytel Pagers 

– Lenny Dykstra's Player's Club Magazine

Octomom Loans

– Lingerie League expansion team in Provo, Utah


–  38 Studios

– Todd Akin's 2016 Presidential Campaign

The OWN Network

– Napster

Adobe Motors 


[Photo via CMOFOSHO]


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