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Oh Bloody Hell…


By now we have all heard that Curt Schilling has run into some money issues. You were probably as shocked as we were when you heard that his video game company went down the tubes. Never mind the fact that he is starting to resemble a mix between a poisoned Ukrainian politician mixed with a dying Extra Terrestrial. Then again, we might be the wrong people to talk about video games as we are still playing Super Tecmo Bowl and Contra. After draining the State of RI dry, there isn't much left in old Curt's nest egg and it sounds like he might be ready to sell his colored….. errrr 'Bloody Sock'. The Hernia Mole has uncovered some other interesting pieces of memorabilia about to hit the opening market.

– Bruce Jennner's pride

– Ben Roethlisberger's rape van

– AC Green's black book (never used)

– John Gruden's Hooters apron

– Andy Pettitte's rapture 

– Lou Piniella's dick

– Hubie Brown's home perm Kit (gently used)

– Ed Hochuli's game worn weight belt 


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