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Report: Merril Hoge is shrinking


It's the only reason think we can come up with at this point to explain his jumbo Dorito-knotted ties.

[Photo via Reddit]

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  1. Paolo X

    November 28, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    Merril Hoge was once solid but in the last few years he tries to be fly a la that Stuart Scott of yesteryear and it makes him look like a serious douche too.

    Why the fuck are he and the following folks still on the air?

    Rick Reilly
    Skip Bayless
    Suzy Kolber
    Keyshawn Johnson
    Cris Carter
    Stuart Scott
    Steve Levy (fuckin’ JETS homer)
    Rachel Nichols (fuckin’ GIANTS homer)

    Stephen A gets a pass because he actually means all that he says however objectionable and homer to Philly or New York.

    Mike Tirico has really come around. Something tells me that he really did not like Tony and later Jaws around, but now with the awesome Jon Gruden he’s on a roll.

    Any other nominees? You still can’t bash ESPN enough for still operating and treating its audience like it’s still 1997. Why are so many of these douchebags from that far back before mainstream internet media and social networking still around ESPN?

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