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Matt ‘Freagin’ Bonner?

Kid shaves Matt Bonner into his head.


We assume this kid has a good reason for this. We are just way to lazy to look into it.

 [Photo via Hot Clicks]

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  1. Paolo X

    December 24, 2012 at 11:52 am

    What a find again by the Hernia!

    Ah the old two-faced strategy so all the folks can never know whether you are coming or going okay …

    He’s crossing folks over not just on the court but in life! Now that’s bojack brilliance at hand!

    As far as having a good reason, the only one who believes that it is good is probably this jackass.

    He probably failed at trying to start his own gang and to write and produce a hit rap song and then just resorted to dealing in fake Rx so as to elevate his own shrinking self image.

    Then he took into his own shrinking self-image literally, as this appears to be the first step in his own 12-step program. Such is major progress considering his lowly sordid waste of mental state, but does progress matter when you can’t tell a head or face apart from a horse’s ass?

    Next in his plans for elevation of self image is a matching turd.

    I hope he’s a Jets fan or a fan of any given SEC team (of course not Vanderbilt though) too.

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