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High School Footballer Ryan Potter: The legend grows


Yeah, we have all seen the Jadeveon Clowney high school highlight tape (we even had a pissy conversation about who found it first).  Put it this way, we are afraid to put this 'Mix Tape' of Ryan Potter in the hands of Jon Gruden.  STUDD is not a strong enough adjective.  Look at how he 'HOLDS THE EDGE' at the 1:49 mark, and look at how he … runs and stuff.  God bless him.

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  1. Dan Reeves

    January 12, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    “I’m mean,my golly…look at the way this athlete eats turf,and runs,and,continues running. He looks pumped. Gettin’ his team FIRED UP on that extra point.”

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