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Jeff Saturday ‘Switched Teams’ for Peyton

HAWAII – Jeff Saturday, the Green Bay Packers Center who was selected to the NFC Pro Bowl team, switched sides on Sunday to snap the ball to Peyton Manning, an AFC Pro Bowl selection. 

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Jeff Saturday switched teams so that he could let his buddy stick his hands under his butt for one last time. 

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A large man with a beard went against all the rules on Sunday and switched teams so that he could squat down in front of his old friend, who put his hands underneath the bearded man's booty – in public.

TheSportsHernia reports facts.  Just facts.

A big ol' bear of a man with bright blue eyes didn't give a hot shit about what anyone said or what the "conventional rules" were so he  crossed lines on Sunday to show the entire fuckin world that he is not ashamed to stick his butt toward his taller, richer friend so that his good friend could move the back of his right hand underneath his bear balls – right there for all to see in fabulous HAWAII!


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