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Jon Heyman Seymore Butts

Jon Heyman might be going through the winter doldrums of reporting on unsigned scrubs like Mike Napoli and Kyle Lohse, but thanks to Twitter he might not be lonely much longer due to the questionable engagement above.  Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, Heyman soon realized it wasn't the smartest idea to be tweeting (publicly anyway) with Seymore Butts.  He soon issued this Twitter mea culpa:


The damage had already been done though, and this will be soon to be picked up by every hacky sports blog (the Hernia included of course).  But we say let your freak flag fly proudly, Jonnyboy.  Screw the internets.  Ironically, Heyman spends most of his time in the northeast covering such teams as the Red Sox, Nationals, and his beloved Yankees. Hmmm….

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