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MLB testing ‘Tee Ball Rules’ in spring training

Little League MLBL

MLB is testing moving umpires behind the pitcher ala 'Tee Ball'. Amazingly, in a move that wreaks of 'cost cutting', MLB is looking into securing one ballplayer's dad to handle umpiring duties. Additionally, local high school kids will be offered the chance to score games for a paltry payment of $13 (per game) and the promise of drunken ballpark poon.

The Hernia mole has learned that the Boston Red Sox ownership team have also had Bud Selig's big, flappy, hairy ear about instituting the 10-run mercy rule to help protect investments like John Lackey and Ryan Dempster.

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  1. Paolo X

    March 20, 2013 at 3:17 pm

    Uh, you said something about ballpark poon near perhaps the scorer’s box, but you did not elabourate. Please do so preferably with also photos. Or maybe just have a new post just about ball park poon?

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