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Paul Bearer (April 10, 1954 ? March 5, 2013)

Paul Bearer seconds after being passed over for role on Six Feet UnderBill Moody, better known to most of you as Paul Bearer, the Undertaker’s unforgettably charismatic manager, sadly passed away on Tuesday at the age of 58. While the specifics of his death remain unclear, his impact on anyone who ever enjoyed professional wrestling remains quite apparent.

Depending on your age at the time of Bearer’s unsettling debut, we either found him scary, appalling, hilarious, creepily convincing, or a healthy sprinkle of each. Whatever it was, he was truly an impossible figure to shake from memory.

Bearer’s overwhelming presence, from his harrowing voice to his ghastly appearance, greatly assists in summarizing the WWE during the early 90s in that he was such a well-defined, human cartoon you almost forgot he wasn’t actually a guy named Paul Bearer who carried around a gold urn like a prized pet.

The magnetic mortician will be sorely missed, and most certainly never repeated.

RIP Bill Moody aka Paul Bearer.

[via WWE]

Note: This post originally ran on The Big Lead on 3/6/13.

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