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Aspiring wordsmith managed a rare and ingenious ‘Tweet Feat’

Barstool Chicago

Here's how The Sports Hernia scored the groundbreaking er… message:

1) Tweeted at the most talked-about athlete in sports at the moment while implicating that Bill Simmons was either gay or a pedophile. (+2) 

2) Got a RT from Bill Simmons, something we are sure @MikeSilvaMedia might literally KILL for. (+1) 

3) Used the word 'Cum' in the Tweet. (+7) 

4) Announced its homophobic tendencies. (0) 

5) Failed to specify whether Simmons was a homosexual or heterosexual pedophile. (-23)

Total Score: GET FUCKED

Editor's note: this hosehead is NOT affiliated with Barstool Chicago.  Apologies to @BarstoolBigCat for not using something called 'Google'. I will now go snort Fun Dip until Sunday in lieu of blogging. Viva La Stool?


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