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Hernia’s Greatest Hits: Pasquarelli takes combover to new level


This shocking photo of Len Pasquarelli made it's way around the internet yesterday but it wasn't until now that we were able to stop staring at our screens like cavemen and process what it was that we were looking at.

While initially thinking this was the greatest see-through toupee we've ever seen, one writer here was able to reel it back in and put it together:

"I don't think thats a toupee," said esteemed writer Gerrard Sir Hornypants.  "I think its one of those deals where he stubbornly refuses to just shave his head so the sporadic wave of hair gives that surreal effect."

Whether it's a toupee, an extremely rad combover, a massive spiderweb or simply smoke rising from his head, this could easily be one of the most defiant moves on the decade.

It almost looks as if a panicked producer, in fear of his bald dome, placed a bunch of dryer sheets on his head right before he went on camera.

While we've affectionately nicknamed Dick Stockton "smokehair," this Pasquarelli sighting might be cause to reevaluate things because Stockton's smoking head looks like harmless child's play compared to the hazy cloud of smoke that is this man's hair.

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  1. Paolo X

    April 26, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    You know, this reminds me that they really need to have a Hair Loss Draft. No bald men are allowed.

    There are also the likes of Donald Trump and all those dudes sporting the overhead horseshoe.

    Pasquarelli is a lock to go in the first round.

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