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Skip Bayless continues to be an utter ass


Thankfully, the guy that lies about his high school sports accomplishments will soon be extinct.  There are a multitude of websites that chronicle the box scores of everything… down to my 4-year-old son's beginner soccer match.

But there are still stragglers out there like that jacknut Skip Bayless. The Lost Ogle took it upon themselves to do a little digging last year when Skip Bayless touted his Pistol Pete-like basketball abilities. The best thing that Skippy could do would be to make a joke about this, and it would eventually go away. That would mean Skip would need to use some common sense. About the worst thing you could do is exactly what he does at about the 5:00 minute mark. He kind of insinuates he was ahead of his time, wanting to shoot threes about 15 years too early. Skip-dawg then went to the most embarrassing card of them all: The coach's son played my position card.

We have already reported on Skip turning into a werewolf on live television. It would probably serve us best to just let him fade into ESPN daytime oblivion.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, there is no truth to the rumor that Jalen Rose left his makeup on from a Twilight screen test in the thumbnail seen above.

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